Welcome to the Alberta College of Body Art

The Tattoo and Piercing industry is changing at a fast pace. Gone are the days when not knowing better was acceptable. Tattooing has become “main-stream”, which means a greater acceptance from the general public, workplaces and increased awareness from all forms of governing bodies. It’s just a matter of time before regulations will be implemented to standardize acceptable practices both in safety, practices and ethics.

Alberta College of Body Art has developed an entry-level program that will assist next generation tattoo artists in their desire to start an exciting new career in tattooing. Our program starts from the ground up from history to mechanics to basic instructions to practice. All students will learn how to perform these components in a safe, supervised and caring manner, by benefiting from hands on instruction combined with the proper tools in a structured classroom environment.

“Because everyone should have the right to pursue their dreams!”

Our Tattoo Program is eligible for Alberta and Canada Student Loans!